Branding a new restaurant in Hong Kong

17 Oct 2013

Contemporary sit down/take out restaurant Noodle LAH is remixing noodle culture in Hong Kong.

Noodle LAH menus are inspired by East Asia’s favourite noodle cuisines and celebrate the region’s diversity of taste.

Stepworks worked closely with food and beverage operator, Eat LAH Group to develop and launch Noodle LAH.

The brief was to create an innovative East Asian noodle restaurant with a contemporary regional aesthetic.

Stepworks started with brand identity, storytelling, logo and key messages, and went on to develop all associated branding components. The deliverables included a website, environments, menus, photography, POS collaterals, media releases, signage and a launch campaign.

The venue has been very well received, and the concept was compared favorably with the well-established eateries of Hong Kong’s major F&B groups.

Stepworks continues to work with Noodle LAH developing ongoing brand building support.


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