New mobile accessory fashion brand electrified by Hong Kong branding agency

13 May 2014

“Accessorize all accessories!” That’s the rallying cry for new mobile accessory fashion brand Sparkalista that’s being rolled out in the US. 
Sparkalista offers a range of fashion forward accessories for mobile devices, including cell phone and tablet cases, headphones and earphones and more.
The youth-targeted brand focuses on delivering high performance at an affordable price. Sparkalista gives young American fashionistas the opportunity to extend the look to their most prized possessions – their mobile devices.
Hong Kong-based branding agency Stepworks developed the brand name, product names, logo, key messages, catalog, website, product design and other launch elements. 
The project represents a textbook case in globalisation, with products made in China, carrying a brand developed in Hong Kong for audiences in the United States.
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