Brand Building

Team Stepworks is privileged to work closely with amazing people in ambitious organisations in Hong Kong and around the world, helping to build over a hundred brands.

In these posts we share our observations and insights on what makes for successful brand building.

We aim to offer genuinely useful ideas for every brand builder, from the distracted CEO to the seasoned marketing professional. A balance of philosophy and practical application, we call our approach Wholehearted Brand Building.

1. Lay the groundwork

The billion dollar kitchen table

The brand builder’s journey begins here. Are your capabilities and expectations for developing your brand well balanced?

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2. Know your frenemies

The four frenemies of the Brandocalypse

The creative process is fraught with contradictions. Reconcile these four forces to strike the right balance in your branding efforts…

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3. Assemble your dream team

Odd couples make for successful teams

Effective teamwork requires a mixture of oppositional traits and skills. Can your brand team find the sweet spot in healthy conflict?

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4. Plan ahead

How can you best use a brand building plan?

Every brand needs a sturdy framework from which it can express itself, justify decisions, and more. Make sure you when have a plan, you know how to navigate it…

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5. Signal value

What is your brand?

We address the fundamental question – what is a brand? We discuss branding as an instinct, and why it’s useful to view brand in an evolutionary context.

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6. Find your purpose

Discover your brand purpose

Brand purpose can help you attract like-minded people, strengthen the meaning of your brand and move your organisation closer to its goals.

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7. Manage perceptions

Brand positioning basics

How is your brand perceived? Learn how you can occupy the right space in your audience’s minds to gain competitive advantage.

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8. Keep your promise

Trust in your brand promise

Honouring your promise builds trust, but breaking it tarnishes reputation. Find out what makes an effective promise.

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9. Clarify your character

The power of a winning personality

Your brand personality shapes how your audience identifies with you. Can you find the balance in expressing a winning personality?

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10. Express your essence

Believe in your Brand DNA

The brand DNA is central to your brand plan. We reveal a four-step formula to guide your brand’s expression

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