A new direction for an experiential learning brand

  • Brand identity
  • Brand story
  • Logo design and key messages
  • English copywriting
  • Chinese copywriting
  • Design language and brand guidelines
  • Website design
  • Brochure
  • eDM launch campaign
  • Presentation templates
  • weibo

Outward Bound pioneered experiential learning in 1941. The not-for-profit organisation sought a new identity for its executive services in Hong Kong.


Experiential training can literally be life changing. Outward Bound is famous for its successes worldwide in this field. In Hong Kong, Outward Bound helps people develop their potential to care for themselves, others and the world around them. It achieves this by guiding people through challenging experiences from its superbly equipped Clearwater Bay base. Seeing the growing interest in experiential learning from the corporate sector, the organisation sought to strengthen perceptions of its offering.


With more than 50 training centres in over 30 countries, Outward Bound is the world’s largest and most established non-profit experiential education organisation. Its approach has evolved over many decades.

Although working mainly with children and young adults, Outward Bound also has a flourishing operation targeting corporate groups. Dubbed Outward Bound Professional, the organisation sought to raise the profile of this division and present it in a way that would distinguish it clearly from less-credible newcomers.


The branding initiative began with interviews with key Outward Bound stakeholders, including the CEO.

From this process came an analysis of the Outward Bound Professional brand, key audiences and suggested directions for development.

The brand model presented Outward Bound Professional as a journey of change. Essentially all the brand components came from elements of an adventure. This brand DNA “Take the high road” conveys the Outward Bound ethos of doing what’s right, not necessarily what’s easy.

The functional aspect of the brand is expressed in a positioning phrase that exhorts us to “Work outside for a change”.

This line sums up the value of Outward Bound Professional in Hong Kong’s urban environment. It emphasises how the courses are not just a day away from the office, but aim to instill a deeper self-awakening.


After the discovery stage, Stepworks developed a new brand identity and overall design language.

The new logo retains the compass from the main logo and adds a contemporary feel.

The new logo for Outward Bound Professional conveys action and evokes the brand’s heritage

The Stepworks team developed a colour palette and tuned photography and other images to create a consistency across all elements.


The Outward Bound Professional message was expressed in a website and brochure. The overall purpose of the brochure was to drive traffic to the website, and elicit enquiry.

The brochure was designed as a set of loose oversized postcards. Each postcard carried an action photograph, an uplifting headline and URL on one side, and details about one aspect of the courses on the other side.

The postcards doubled as inspiring posters, ideal for displaying in an office environment.

Visitors to the website received a much more in-depth look at the various aspects of Outward Bound Professional’s courses. The overall imagery and messages echoed the brochure.


After Outward Bound Professional’s new branding was launched, Stepworks developed an email-based recruitment campaign targeting corporate customers.


The Outward Bound team were pleased with the project’s process, progress and outcomes. Bookings for Outward Bound Professional courses rose following the recruitment campaign.