International hospital brand reaches new heights

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Established in 1907, Matilda International Hospital is a leading healthcare service provider and world class private hospital in Hong Kong. Matilda commissioned Stepworks to align its identity with contemporary global standards.


Matilda International Hospital’s strategic vision is “to be world renowned in our centres of excellence”. Known for its forward-thinking approach, the hospital sought to amplify its modernity and also celebrate its rich history.

Matilda wanted to grow the reputation of its leading surgical practice to equal its widely regarded maternity services. The rejuvenated identity also aims to enhance its employee branding and encourage Hong Kongers to take a fresh look at its overall offering.


Matilda International Hospital is headquartered on the Peak and operates three clinics in Hong Kong. Its team of several hundred deliver compassionate health care services of the highest quality. The design audience spanned a range of stakeholders, from patients to insurers, team members, associates and potential recruits, GP referees, and corporate partners.

Despite a praiseworthy reputation for patient care and competitive pricing, Matilda is inaccurately perceived as expensive compared to other leading hospitals. With more and more hospitals competing for the attention of doctors and patients, the new design was required to reflect Matilda’s genuine friendliness and approachability.


Matilda has some of the region’s most technologically advanced medical equipment and surgical theatre systems, providing the latest treatment options. Stepworks had worked with the hospital several years before initiating this project and were ready to push their identity to new limits.

The visual approach for the logo that Stepworks presented would eventually be applied to all Matilda’s communications assets. The outcome aimed to position them as an international leader in healthcare who are focused on the needs of people in Hong Kong.


Stepworks began by refreshing the Matilda logo and defining a set of colours, typefaces, images and graphic style – the brand’s design language.

Located atop the iconic Victoria Peak, Matilda is popularly known as the Peak hospital. This inspired the basic form of the new logo. The simple, confident, contemporary identity and approachable design differentiates Matilda from the staid outdated formality of most Hong Kong hospital branding.

The logo symbol can also be adapted into icons visually expressing relevant concepts. It also works as a supergraphic. The new approach invigorated the Matilda team and encouraged them to imagine exciting future applications.

The logo symbol can also be adapted into icons visually expressing relevant concepts. It also works as a supergraphic. The new approach invigorated the Matilda team and encouraged them to imagine exciting future applications.

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The hospital advertises regionally in Singapore and Shanghai. Locally their presence is seen around town on minibuses, in newspapers and online channels. Additional B2B collateral communicates their spirit of empathy, excellence in service and personalised care.

Matilda reaches a variety of audiences through its website. Stepworks led the content development and provided guidance on the website design. We showcased both the brand’s heritage and its technologically advanced approach to healthcare. The language of the website aims to make equally appealing to healthcare professionals and laypeople.


Stepworks also provided brand management tools to help Matilda and its partners to ensure the ongoing integrity of the new brand. Brand guidelines specified typefaces, colours, logo usage and how to correctly apply the new designs and graphics with consistency.

Matilda’s marketing team is so fond of the new identity that they have already applied it on multiple promotional items, including umbrellas, robes and slippers.


Following a successful launch in January 2017, Matilda’s many clinics and medical centres are receiving the visual facelift. Branding is an ongoing process and Matilda are looking at promoting their specialist services.

For Matilda’s orthopaedics department, we devised a multi-channel campaign in June 2017, to help drive the brand’s leadership in Hong Kong and regionally.