Amplifying the brand of a Hong Kong molecular diagnostics pioneer

  • Research and competitor mapping
  • Brand model development
  • Logo refresh
  • English copywriting
  • Website development
  • Photography shoot and photo library development
  • Tradeshow booth design
  • Tactical collaterals materials design and production
  • Digital and print production management
  • Design language and brand guidelines
  • weibo

DiagCor is a pioneer in the exciting world of MDx (molecular diagnostics).


Established in Hong Kong in 2006, DiagCor is the inventor of flow-through hybridization technology – an essential process in mid-resolution DNA analysis.

The company’s innovations are used daily in labs across the world for prenatal diagnosis, genetic testing, cancer testing, infectious disease identification and parentage investigation.

With global demand for MDx products and services growing fast, the company sought to raise its profile and quality perception among existing and potential customers.


DiagCor’s great products, exceptional services and a talented young team were inadequately expressed by inconsistent branding and associated materials leading to lost opportunities.

Some potential customers even believed the company was a low price copycat of world-beating technology it had developed in-house.

DiagCor needed to explain their highly-technical products and advantages to a broad audience, many with a low understanding of MDx.


In many ways the DiagCor collaboration represents a textbook Stepworks partnership. The client has specific business issues that can be mitigated with a stronger brand. Each party understands the other’s core expectations and follows a methodical path to define and address them.


The rebranding project began by establishing the scope of the program, objectives and milestones. Stepworks conducted face-to-face interviews with DiagCor stakeholders to get a clear understanding of the company and how it was perceived. The team sought to identify ways to enhance that perception.

Desktop research delivered insights into the competitive landscape. The team gathered and analyzed competitors’ key messages.

From this process a brand model was developed to guide DiagCor brand messages and imagery for the foreseeable future. The phrase MDx is in our DNA clearly expresses the company’s difference – its exclusive focus on molecular diagnostics.


Research into the competitive landscape revealed that the existing DiagCor logo delivered adequate differentiation and offered an effective foundation for further development of the the overall corporate identity.

This decision led to a unique design language that gave the company an instantly recognizable look. Typography, colours and images were given a consistent appearance to reflect the high quality of DiagCor’s offerings.

Brochures and websites
Brochures and websites

Working completely in-house, the Stepworks digital team combined DiagCor’s diverse web assets into a single website to highlight the company’s complementary two main offerings. The new site features a fresh modern look in compliance with the new design language. A usability process aimed to ensure various audiences were able to quickly find the pages most relevant to their needs.

The website is designed for easy navigation and search engine transparency. Products can be sorted multiple ways and the site includes comprehensive advantages and benefits of each offering.

A shopping cart type application allows users to select items they wish to enquire about.


Stepworks also created a complete suite of collaterals items. These included stationery, packaging, a brochure, slideshow templates and other items.

Because tradeshows are an important part of the Diagcor’s marketing initiatives Stepworks designed bold tradeshow booth graphics and a premium gift to showcase the company’s products at various events.


As part of the project Stepworks created a brand guideline document that specifies correct colours, typography and logo application. DiagCor team members received training about how to update the website.

To kick off DiagCor’s image library, Stepworks organised and art directed a photoshoot on DiagCor’s premises. The agency also curated the library and retouched selected shots.


DiagCor’s brand image now genuinely reflects the unique characteristics of the company – a youthful innovator that focuses solely on molecular diagnostics.

Stepworks helped us realize our brand DNA, bringing our passion into one simple conclusion: We are dedicated to Molecular Diagnostics (MDx).... Through branding, Stepworks revised the look of DiagCor, rejuvenated our spirit in front of our customers. The immediate effect was obvious.

Ho-Yuen Poon
Senior Marketing Executive at DiagCor