A timely ad campaign for a heritage brand

  • Advertising campaign concept development
  • Campaign key visual development
  • Key message development
  • English copywriting
  • Chinese copywriting
  • Campaign applications
  • Posters and billboards
  • weibo

Hong Kong Tramways appointed Stepworks as partner for a series of initiatives intended to revitalise the iconic transit operator’s brand. Faced with decreasing passenger numbers due to competition from a new subway service, the initial brief involved advertising to highlight the value of the trams for short hops. In response, Stepworks developed striking creative depicting cartoon legs with trams strapped to their feet. This created an amusing and memorable illusion of giant people skating down the tram track.

Value created

Ridership increased by a substantial 5% after the campaign ran thanks to increased awareness, coupled with other factors including improved scheduling

The striking graphics on the trams received a very positive response from audiences

When a controversial idea to get rid of the beloved trams was proposed, the public rallied around Hong Kong Tramways and leveraged the campaign creative as a backdrop for protests to the plan, the photos of which were widely distributed via social media and local press