OEM manufacturer grows global brand

  • Brand audit
  • Brand definition
  • Brand identity development
  • Brand storytelling
  • Logo revamp and key messages
  • Design language and brand guidelines
  • Product development
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Tradeshow environments
  • Ecommerce website
  • Packaging
  • POS collaterals
  • Media releases
  • Social media
  • B2B development
  • Ongoing brand building support
  • weibo

With on-the-ground sales and distribution in 20 countries and growing, as well as online, Daycraft is becoming known worldwide as an innovative brand of organizer products.


Many OEM manufacturers see how a product bearing a familiar brand earns bigger margins than similar goods with an unknown brand — or no brand. They then seek to develop their own brands to make higher margins.

This is harder than it looks. It takes creativity, dedication and a methodical long-term investment to build a profitable trusted brand.

Daycraft by Tai Shing Diary offers a textbook example of how a manufacturer can methodically build a global consumer brand.


Tai Shing Diary Limited is a Hong Kong headquartered manufacturer with a large production facility in China.

The forward-thinking company makes very high quality products. To earn the rewards of premium branding, Tai Shing decided to rethink its Daycraft brand of notebooks and diaries, and its creative approach.


After conducting a brand audit for Daycraft, Stepworks recommended to keep the name.

It was decided to position the product at the same level of innovation as a prominent European competitor, but with superior manufacturing quality and slightly more competitive prices.

The agreed brand model included the brand DNA “Make my day”, which was later adapted for use as a positioning phrase. This message suggests the practical nature of Daycraft’s products and adds an emotional depth conveying that the brand will make people happy.

Daycraft creates happiness in part by taking a consistently lighthearted approach as it draws attention to the undeniable quality of its products.

The scope of the brand was later extended to “organiser products”, focusing on diaries and notebooks, but also including such items as an innovative wallet and lifestyle accessories.


Stepworks began by refreshing the Daycraft logo and defining a set of colours, typefaces, textures and even tactile materials that would form the foundation of the brand.

Working closely with the Daycraft product development team, the Stepworks team designed a range of products. This involves generating a lot of ideas, which are narrowed down to a few finalists.

New product development is continuously and methodically being explored, guided by trends and sales data.

Stepworks applies the Daycraft design language consistently across a wide range of items, from packaging and POS displays to websites, tradeshows and B2B communications.


Underlying the Daycraft brand are a set of carefully crafted messages that relate an ongoing narrative in a consistent tone of voice.


Engaging with customers requires paying attention to multiple brand touchpoints and channels. Everything communicates. Daycraft packaging is minimalist and communicates product textures and the underlying focus on quality.

Engaging with customers requires paying attention to multiple brand touchpoints channels. Daycraft packaging is minimalist and highlights product textures and quality


To ensure consistency, a detailed set of brand guidelines has been produced for Daycraft. As with all successful brands, the design language evolves over time and the brand guidelines are updated accordingly.

The more parties involved with a brand, the more valuable the guidelines document becomes. Stepworks also acts as a brand guardian, responsible for checking and approving usage of the brand by third parties.


Branding is an ongoing process. New opportunities to engage the customer and promote Daycraft brand messages arise all the time.

Over the years Stepworks has driven many Daycraft campaigns and marketing initiatives. We’ve helped with new product development, ad-hoc campaigns, B2B initiatives and much more.


The close relationship between Stepworks and Daycraft is effective because each party has learned how to work together for maximum results. Since first teaming up in 2009, Daycraft and Stepworks have achieved many successes, some of which are listed below….

  • Daycraft is ranked as a premium brand according to price and observer associations (ie, featured in media alongside established brands in the same sector)
  • Daycraft products have won awards, including Best of the Best Show Award, at prestigious 2012 London Stationery Show, and the Best Diary in the 2013 show
  • Daycraft products selected for sale in the MOMA gift shop in New York
  • Sales of Daycraft products have enjoyed healthy sales growth
  • New distribution continues to grow and is now in over 20 countries and territories globally
  • Ecommerce website generates global sales and increases brand awareness
  • Daycraft brand successfully extended to innovative organizer products beyond diaries and notebook
  • Numerous mentions of Daycraft products in mainstream media lifestyle sections, and numerous influential design and lifestyle blogs
  • Daycraft products also appear as props in popular television shows and movies
Building B2B
  • Daycraft products generate enquiry and sales for Tai Shing’s OEM printing business and corporate diary business
  • Daycraft have collaborated with Japan’s market leader in organizer products